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Sad Good Night Image With Sad Shayari +22


Sad Good Night Image With Sad Shayari Download & Share Free.

Here in this post we share some sad good night images with sad shayari. Also some good night images with sad quotes, breakup good night images. Heart touching good night images in hindi, dard bhari good night shayari image. Good night sad shayari image hindi, good night love, goodnight message, good night friends. Romantic good night, night wishes, romantic good night wishes. Good night wishes for girlfriend, whatsapp good night status.

Romantic good night wishes.
Heart touching good night images in Hindi.
Breakup good night images.
Good night images with sad quotes.
Romantic good night wishes.
Heart touching good night images in Hindi.
Sad good night image.
Good night images with sad quotes.
Romantic good night wishes.
Heart touching good night images in Hindi.
Breakup good night images.
Good night images with sad quotes.
Romantic good night wishes.
Heart touching good night images in Hindi.
Sad good night image.
Good night images with sad quotes.

Here is some sad good night quotes you may love.

There are millions of people like you in the world

What should we do if you love your soul.


Both are bereft of the wealth of moments

I did not steal you I did not earn you.


Dude found a place in his heart

I have destroyed the ruins.


Search was mine

The heart that was wandering was mine.


Your savory style is yours

I wish that I would have a blast.


Since i saw your image in your eyes

My face doesn’t like a mirror.


You come someday this is our

I do not know how many people have spent this year.


Waiting for your message

Day passed

Now let it be,

See you in dreams.


How will these nights go without you

How will these nights of loneliness endure

The watches are very long

These nights will be changed by turning.


This is such a strange night of loneliness

Every memory i have with you is with me.


How much is the night after evening

Time has come in every thing, remember you

Life is so lonely,

If you don’t get what you have.


Tell the moon to stop shining

Ask the stars to leave the team

If you don’t come to see me

Tell me your memories leave me Satna.


Populate the heart with happiness

Freeing gum from the heart

I just ask you

Remember once in blessing if possible.


Every evening this evening makes me sad

I think you are slowly forgetting me.


It is the moon and the moonlight is the night

Is your deal with the stars

This is what our love is for

Because your sweet memories are with us.

You may also love this.


Blink of eyelids does not make you sleepy

Sleeping is the only people who have no memories.


We were alone in the loneliness of the night

We were crying in pain

You look nothing even to us

Still we don’t sleep without remembering you.


When night comes to put me to sleep

We can’t sleep at night.


People here do not accept their mistake,

What would someone else think of you.


We lost what was never ours,

But you lost what was once yours..


If you live, only you will remember me

If you do not remember the day, then you understand that we have died.


People who die inside

Then those people teach others to live.


The crowd is growing in this world,

People are becoming more alone.


You meet, don’t meet, it’s a matter of liberty

You get a lot of comfort thinking about you.


Dreams are also weaker than glass

Everyday these eyes disintegrate before opening.


Who will become our pain after you,

We have left everything in the stubbornness of finding you.


What should I decorate with a laugh

This era has made us guilty of blaming.


Do not remain sad in the memory of some infidel,

He is happy in your world to make your world desolate.


How can we make your love worthy of ourselves

When we change habits, you change your conditions.


Broken hearts also throb throughout life,

Whether it is in someone’s memory or in someone’s complaint.

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