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Nag Panchami Festival Wishes Image & Photo.

Here in this post you can find nag panchami image & You know about nag panchami. What to do & what don’t do in nag panchami in english.

Snakes have a special place in Hindu mythology. In honour of the Hindu serpent god Shesha Nag Nagpanchami is celebrated by hindu in India, Nepal & other country. During monsoon people celebrate Nag panchami with great enthusiasm and vitality. According to the Hindu calendar Nag panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Shravan. As Hindus celebrate the forces of nature Nag panchami is also one of the most auspicious celebrations which is celebrated annually. The significance of Nag panchami is to pacify the active snakes and discourage them from being a threat to humans during the rainy season when snakes move out of their hiding places due to rain and floods. On this day serpents and other snakes are milked and worshiped by lighting lamps decorating temples with flowers and offering sacrifices and sweets.



How To Do Naga Panchami Puja At Home By Self With Image.

  • Clean the pooja room with Gangajal or water.
  • Lay a piece of fresh cloth in the chaupai.
  • After this, carefully place the idol or idol of Nag Devta.
  • Then place the oil lamp next to the idol, preferably on the right.
  • Then light the lamp.
  • Make a resolution (resolve to perform the puja with a sincere heart).
  • Sprinkle water and milk on the idol and then apply turmeric, sandalwood, kumkum, akshat and flowers.
  • Then offer incense and naivedya.
  • Then ask for Kshama Yagya (asking for forgiveness) for any errors while performing the puja.
  • Bow before the deity, seek his blessings and finish the puja.


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Don’t Do These on Festival Day.

  • The use of utensils made of iron should be avoided for cooking on this day.
  • Farmers and those working in agriculture should not plow the field as snakes taking shelter underground can get injured.
  • Those in the line of construction should avoid digging or plowing the ground to avoid injury to snakes.
  • Use of needle or any sharp object should be avoided on the day of Nag Panchami.
  • It is best to avoid the consumption of leafy vegetables. However, if need be, they should be cooked without cutting.
  • Do not harm any snake or any other living creature.
  • Don’t get into an argument with anyone.
Wishe nag panchami image.
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